When You Need to Know the Truth.

S2F Investigations provides surveillance services that include discrete monitoring of the conduct of your subject person and are available to assist various purposes on behalf of business, litigants, government, individuals, and more.  S2F Investigations provides surveillance relating to legal claims including worker injuries, slips & falls, other cases, fraud issues, as well as assisting in family law disputes.

A professional investigator knows the laws involving surveillance and is legally observe the subject person without committing unlawful violations of provincial or federal laws.  Additionally, a professional investigator is ultra discrete and is able to avoid accidentally tipping off the subject person; and if the subject person suspects surveillance, further surveillance efforts become much more difficult.

When Was Who Where and Doing What?

S2F Investigations helps when you need to know who was with who, when who was where, and who was doing what.  Be in the know, get S2F Investigations gathering the evidence as proof of the truthful details you need.

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S2F Investigations provides affordable surveillance and investigations in:

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