When You Need to Locate a Person.

S2F Investigations provides skip tracing and locate services that help to discover the whereabouts of the person you are looking for such as a person who owes you money and moved away without providing you with a forwarding address.  Locate services can also help to find a family member who is out of touch, or an old friend that you want to contact to catch up on old times.

When you are unable to find a person using readily available sources, a professional private investigator such as S2F Investigations will have additional sources of information to access and may be able to uncover the information you seek.

Reasons to Investigate

Skip tracing or locate services are commonly performed for a wide variety of reasons such as, among others:

  • You paid a deposit and the seller failed to deliver the goods or services as promised;
  • You need to the correct address to serve a person with court documents;
  • You are executor of an estate and need to find the beneficiaries;
  • You were adopted and want to find your biological parents; or
  • You are owed money by a former tenant or client.
When Was Who Where and Doing What?

S2F Investigations helps when you need to know who was with who, when who was where, and who was doing what.  Be in the know, get S2F Investigations gathering the evidence as proof of the truthful details you need.

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