When You Need to Collect a Debt.

S2F Investigations can help you to uncover monies that a debtor wants to avoid paying you.  Often a debtor will have bank accounts or sources of income that can be garnished as a means to collect and pay down the outstanding account, overdue loan, or other debts, as due to you.  When you are unable to find a where a debtor works or where a debtor banks or sources of money through which you may be able to liquidate the debt owed to you, a professional private investigator such as S2F Investigations will have additional sources of information to access and may be able to uncover the financial details that you seek.

Reasons to Investigate

Financial investigations are commonly performed for a wide variety of reasons such as, among others:

  • You were told that the debtor is unable to pay and yet the debtor seems to have money from somewhere;
  • You would garnish a bank account if only you knew where a debtor banks;
  • You would garnish wages if only you knew where a debtor works; or
  • You just want to get paid the money that you are owed.
When Was Who Where and Doing What?

S2F Investigations helps when you need to know who was with who, when who was where, and who was doing what.  Be in the know, get S2F Investigations gathering the information you need.

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