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When You Need to Know the Details.

Having thoroughly accurate information available at your fingertips is crucial when you are deciding whether to engage in business dealings and negotiations, when you are reviewing employment applicants, when you need to stand your ground in a legal dispute, when you need to fight for your rights, or when you simply need to prove that you are right within an argument.

S2F Investigations can research and provide the information you need to make informed decisions and best choices in your personal affairs or business endeavours by sourcing data and details involving, among other things;

  • The current contact information for people you need to connect with for personal reasons, business purposes, or legal proceedings;
  • The bankruptcy and credit worthiness of individuals, corporations, or organizations;
  • The real estate holdings of individuals or corporations including deed documents;
  • The criminal record background check for potential employees, volunteers, or others;
  • The details of court Judgments or existing litigation;
  • The vehicle information for individuals or businesses;
  • The mortgage information for realty;
  • The registration and liens on automobiles or watercraft;
  • The identity of individuals including aliases;
  • The identity of businesses including operating names;
  • The details of federal and provincial tax liens;
  • The corporation details including names of directors and ownership structure;
  • The other various other documents and records as required.
When Was Who Where and Doing What?

S2F Investigations helps when you need to know who was with who, when who was where, and who was doing what.  Be in the know, get S2F Investigations gathering the information you need.

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